Statements on current legal topics and issues - Archive

  • Compatible with the German Constitution?,

    Article on the possible ratification of the international Agreement on a Unified Patent Court in Germany (11/10/2014)

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  • The oral hearing on Spain’s actions at the CJEU,

    Article describing the course of the hearing and possible impacts of the proceedings’ outcome for the implementation of the “unitary patent package” (28/07/2014)

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  • New problems ahead?,

    Article on the backgrounds of the dispute on Art. 118(1) TFEU and possbile implications of the upcoming CJEU decisions in the Spanish nullity actions against the “unitary patent” Regulations (22/06/2014)

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  • The Parliamentary History of the European “Unitary Patent”,

    Verbatim protocol of the public meetings in the European Parliament and its Legal Affairs Committee (15/06/2014)

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  • Prof. Tilmann, the old Roman god Janus and the requirements of Article 118(1) TFEU,

    Article on recent developments in relation to Spain’s actions against the “unitary patent” Regulations at the European Court of Justice (22/05/2014)

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