EU Patent Reform: Squaring the circle after the “Brexit” vote,

Article on the impact of the outcome of the British referendum on leaving the EU on the European patent reform (Published on 19/09/2016, updated on 15/12/2016)

The majority vote of the British electorate in favor of leaving the European Union has delivered a serious blow to the European patent reform. The usual protagonists nonetheless immediately started advocating for an instant ratification of the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court (“UPCA”) by the UK, now even deeming possible the participation of a non-EU member which so far, due to CJEU opinion 1/09, was held to be excluded by the same people. When looking at the situation from a less biased perspective, a UPCA with the UK may only be possible after a structural revision of the Agreement.

  • Download English version (Article of 19/09/2016, supplemented version of 15/12/2016)
  • Download German version (Article of 19/09/2016, supplemented version of 15/12/2016)


  • Link to the report „Brexit: Letzte große Hürde für das neue europäische Patentsystem“ (“Brexit: The last challenge for the new European patent system“) of 01/04/2016 at (German)
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