(13) EU Patent Reform – FOIA application to the German Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection (“BMJV”) in February 2019: Written statements by the BMJV departments responsible for constitutional law (currently department IV A 2), fundamental and legal questions of the EU as well as the procedural law of the EU (currently department IV C 2), public international law/law of international organizations/international jurisdiction (currently department IV C 3) and the law of international Treaties (currently department IV C 4) on the compatibility of the “Agreement on a Unified Patent Court” as well as the “Agreement on the European and Community Patent Court” discussed before it (cf. Council document 7928/09 of 23/03/2009) with the Grundgesetz or the primary law of the European Union, in particular the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (each in the version according to the Treaty of Lisbon as entered into force on 01/12/2009), as well as Opinion 1/09 of the European Court of Justice of 08/03/2011 (Published on 30/03/2021)

Redactions in black originate from the public authority, redactions in grey originate from the site operator and usually concern contact data.

Total volume: 110 pages.

  • Document with unknown docket no.: Stellungnahme der BR Deutschland vom 29.09.2009 im EuGH-Gutachtenverfahren 1/09 [Statement by the Federal Republic of Germany of 29/09/2009 in CJEU Opinion proceedings 1/09] (22 p., 1.664 KB, German language)
  • Document with unknown docket no.: Plädoyer der BR Deutschland für die Anhörung im EuGH-Gutachtenverfahren 1/09 am 18.05.2010 [Plea by the Federal Republic of Germany for the hearing in CJEU Opinion proceedings 1/09 on 18/05/2010] (9 p., 412 KB, German language)
  • Document 9330-29-2-31-1132-2011: Prüfung der Revisionsklausel in Art. 58d EPGÜ-Entwurf (= Art. 87 EPGÜ)durch BMJV Referat IV C 4 [Examination of the revision clause in Art. 58d draft UPCA (= Art. 87 UPCA) by BMJV department IV C 4] (79 p., 6.318 KB, German language)

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